Writing songs to several people in particular and many in general, acoustic-soul songwriter Kiernan McMullan places importance on both honesty and melody as the foundation for his career. Ten years of extensive travel, performing, and crafting songs guided him through five music releases and over 2,000 tour dates by the time 2014 came to a close.

Not really being from anywhere, the Irish-Australian brings an outsider's perspective to his international fan base by writing songs about atypical subjects - covering life on the road, love, anti-love, and complacency. Kiernan was influenced by everything from The Roots to Jimmy Eat World, Rage Against The Machine to Otis Redding, and created his own intersection between the genres. By the age of fifteen, the songwriter knew that this was where he fit. The last few years of touring have proven he made the right decision. To date, McMullan has performed at sold-out shows, festivals and tour dates in the US with well-established talent including the likes of Sheryl Crow, Ed Sheeran, Dave Mason and Mat Kearney. In Ireland he accumulated a list of shows with big names including The Coronas, Cathy Davy, and The Blizzards. 

His newest release, appropriately titled Common Sense, came out this past July and garnered heavy local interest, radio play, and set an even higher standard for his songwriting. Although Kiernan writes about serious and controversial subjects, it's his humor and genuine interest in his audience that always seems to immediately win over the crowd. An old soul, his soft-spoken lyrics consistently captivate rooms, festivals and theaters worldwide. His newest record captures the identity of an independent musician and is an incredible album of well-thought production.

Brought up by an Australian mother and an Irish father, Kiernan was raised listening to artists such as Van Morrison and Lyle Lovett. But it was by studying artists like Ryan Adams, Lupe Fiasco and Marvin Gaye that he developed his eclectic style. Cutting his teeth in both Boston and Ireland, McMullan went on to sign his first record deal with a Warner subsidiary, 111 Records in 2008. With nothing but a hiking bag and his guitar, he hitched and bussed the length of the East Coast and parts of the Midwest, playing shows every other day. "My parents met on a plane, so being a gypsy was always in my genes.." he says. Constant traveling, performing and perfecting his sound have helped him develop an international grassroots following of dedicated fans.

Uncommon outcomes and unique conversations with strangers have fueled Kiernan's insatiable thirst for touring.  Included in his plans for 2015 are back-to-back tour dates covering the majority of the year and moving forward with his fourth full-length albumWhile simultaneously acquiring song ideas and passport stamps, his willingness to physically bring music to his fans marks his path to success.  "People romanticize being an entertainer based on the highlight reel they see. You could be playing for 5000 people one night.. and twenty the next. I go wherever people will listen - and that's where you find the stories."


Common Sense

by Kiernan McMullan

In cart

American Cadence Records

Produced by Owen Lewis and Kiernan McMullan

Kiernan McMullan - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Banjo, Bass, Drums

Owen Lewis - Bass, Keys

Sean Bennett - Drums

Chris Hellman - Guitars

Maria Kowalski - Violin

Denny Weston Jr. - Drums on 'Loving the Enemy' and 'Part of the Process'

"Can't Sit Still" features 'Louisa Wendorff' on vocals

Assistant Engineers - Matt Lombardi, Derek Parnell, Mike Gavin

Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios (Nashville, TN)

Additional Recording at The Bishop's Palace (Limerick Ireland)

  1. 1 Common Sense 05:08
  2. 2 Just Another Line 04:45
  3. 3 Can't Sit Still 04:17
  4. 4 Loving The Enemy 05:30
  5. 5 I'm Still Doing It 05:28
  6. 6 Everything is Medicine 03:50
  7. 7 Portrait of Life 03:16
  8. 8 Part of the Process 04:09
  9. 9 Speak Your Mind 03:35
  10. 10 Embrace the Patience 04:22

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